Welcome to my Writing World!



My Writing Nook

This is my special place to write. Since we moved to the beach last year, we have a much more limited amount of space. And my old office, which was a spare bedroom in our roomy farmhouse, is now a well-planned nook in a guest bedroom.

Happily, I’ve found downsizing to be a wonderful thing. My husband and I were talking about it yesterday on our daily walk. The weather was stupendous, by the way. Another upside to living in a tropical state. The sun was sparkling on the bay and folks were out in a variety of boats. My favorites are the small sailboats. I love their colorful sails.

Anyhoo, Hubby and I both agreed we would never go back to living large ever again.  We love the coziness of our little place. As well as how close we feel to nature and the water. We love the sound of the waves at night. And watching the wildlife is great too.

Even though my writing haven is in the back portion of our place, it still has a great view.

View From My Office

View From My Office

But back to my nook… as you can see there are many sentimental items on the shelves as well as writing tools. Besides my computer and the obvious research books, you can see a great photo of one of my grandmothers, a glass jar full of sentiments of thankfulness my daughter made me, and a glass container full of postcards from all of my trips.

I’ve always been a collector of post cards. I used to punch a hole in one corner of each card and keep them organized on rings. But as the collection grew over the years, I decided to stash them in a big vintage cookie jar.  I typically write on them as I buy them on a trip. So they’re sort of an unofficial travel journal too.

You may notice the shells and candles on my shelves. I’m a big believer in both. I love the textures and subtle colors in shells. And unless I’ve got the windows open in the office, I burn candles while I write. I do love the salty tang of a sea breeze. Sometimes I’ll have my office windows open, even in the winter. Especially if the day is mild.

But candles are one of my guilty pleasures. It seems I always come back from a shopping trip with a new scented candle. They, along with pretty notebooks, are very hard for me to resist.

Speaking of notebooks, next time I write I’ll be telling about how I set up and use small binders to help me organize the writing of my novels. I’ve had folks ask about my ‘system’ and I’m glad to share what I’ve learned works for me. Maybe it will ease the way for another writer beginning their publishing journey. I sure hope so.

I also hope your weekend is going well. I pray you feel God close to you today. LNF, Grace




2 thoughts on “Welcome to my Writing World!

  1. Delainie Poss Adams

    Love your posts and your books Grace. I can see some of the reasons you are so successful, your faith in God, a loving husband and family, a lovely home and the talents our Father in Heaven has blessed you with. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Living By Grace Post author

      Thanks so much for the encouragement this morning! I woke up praying the Lord would help me today as I have a lot on my plate- some of it not so fun. So when I read your comment I knew God was answering my prayer through your kindness. I’m so grateful you took the time to comment, it has surely brightened and strengthened my day! Prayers and blessings to you and yours. LNF, Grace


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