One Nation Under gods Released Today!

Print Cover for ONug

Print Cover for ONug

My Edgy Supernatural Inspy Romance, ONUg, releases today!! Cheers and confetti, roll out the party cake! I’m so glad to see this one published.

ONUg is my most spiritual novel to date. It is also my most edgy. The themes are what lend it its edge. You can’t write about half breed angels, arch demons, and an alternative reality without some darkness. Hopefully, the themes of love, forgiveness, and surrender make up for the smidgen of edginess.

As always, with all my books, this one follows my standard guidelines for an Inspy Romance-  No sex, no explicit cursing, no glamorization of alcohol or drugs. But there’s tons of chemistry between the main characters, and loads of heart stopping adventure. I do love an angsty, heartwarming read. So you will get a serving of that, as well 🙂 , with ONUg,

And I apologize for this one taking so long to  publish.  ONUg was written and rewritten a couple of times. The art and marketing people got portions as the manuscript progressed. Their suggestions helped fine tune the book. I think it’s a better read because of the time spent on it. I hope you do too!

Anyhoo- hope you enjoy it. And most of all I hope God speaks to you through it! LNF, Grace


2 thoughts on “One Nation Under gods Released Today!

    1. Living By Grace Post author

      Hi Deborah,
      Thanks for stopping by and thanks especially for leaving a comment. I sure hope you enjoy ONUg! LNF, Grace


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