Sea Glass Marmalade

I hope everyone reading this has made a nice plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day tomorrow. My hubby and I are going on a road trip down the coast.  Ever since we discovered that our bay is known as the ‘Nursery of the Gulf’ because of the dolphins’ mating and calving habits, we’ve been fascinated with marine biology.

So tomorrow we’re headed to the Dauphin Island Oceanographic Center. It’s a long drive and a ferry trip to get there. But I’m really excited to be going. I’ll let you know what I discover.

This week has been a down week for me. In the sense that I’m taking a break from the writing schedule. I start writing again on the next installment of the ChristKeepers series Monday. It is due to publish June 1st. I’ve got a whopping 6 books on the publishing schedule this year!!!

God has been so good to me as I continue to write the novels He puts on my heart. There’s going to be a lot of books with the redemptive themes of forgiveness and freedom from guilt this year from me.

In fact, my writing and publishing calendar is full all the way into 2016. Mostly I’ll be writing  books to continue certain series. But there’s one new one that is not part of a series.

In the meantime, the last few weeks I’ve been relaxing.  I love being a homemaker. So I’ve been catching up on those kinds of things. This is fresh citrus season in our neck of the woods, so I made a huge batch of citrus marmalade. The recipe is as old as the hills. It’s easy enough that anyone can make it too!

Sea Glass Marmalade


peeled, chopped up citrus fruit- your choice. I always use red grapefruit as one of the components because it gives the marmalade a rosy glow. This year I used 2 each of red grapefruit, lemons, and tangelos.

Measure the pulp by cup. Add that much sugar. I had five cups pulp, so I added five cups sugar.

Set in big pot and boil on medium until it gels. There’s lots of ways to tell if it’s ready. You can smear a spoonful on a cold plate and if it seems to be marmalade consistency, it’s done. I dip a metal spoon into the pot, pull up a small amount of jelly, tilt the spoon and watch for the characteristic ‘clabber’ on the spoon’s edge. The jelly looks like little waves as it drips down into the pot. Or you can use your old reliable candy thermometer. Cook to 225, that’s jelly temperature. Ladle the sunny goodness into jars, top with lids and rings. Let it sit on your counter top. You’ll hear the distinctive little pops as the marmalade seals itself.

This is not your typical British marmalade. I don’t use the peels cause they make the marmalade bitter. Really, no matter how long you soak them and how much you scrape them, the bitterness remains. And I’m really careful to get rid of all the white pith on the fruit too. The marmalade is still going to have a bite to it. Citrus fruits have enough pectin in them.  So you don’t have to add any to make this yummy jam.

My batch made 12 cute little jars. They’ll be just right for gifting, if I don’t eat them all up first 🙂 .

Hope your Valentine’s Day is sweet! LNF, Grace


2 thoughts on “Sea Glass Marmalade

  1. Living By Grace Post author

    Thanks for stopping by Delainie! I’m really glad you enjoy my books. And I’m super happy you get the newsletters. Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂 LNF, Grace


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