Inspiration for the Hero of My New Medieval


Inspiration for Rafe Wulfsson


As you may  remember, I’m deep into the writing process for another Medieval Inspirational Romance. This will be the third installment of my ChristKeepers series. I’m happy to say I’m making great process on this book and expect to easily make my deadline.

It always takes me a day or two of writing to get back into the rhythm of Medieval dialogue. Life was  very different back in those times. Slower, simpler, and maybe just a wee bit more spiritually focused. I think maybe, or mayhap  as Rafe would say, there was a certain sweetness and innocence.  And the way I imagine folks speaking to each other is lyrical. I need to account for those differences as I write the story.

There is also a great deal of research to be done when I begin a new historical. My novels are fiction, so they don’t adhere to a strict textbook retelling of historical events. But I do like to make sure the story has the strong flavor for what life might have been like for the characters.

And speaking of characters… here’s my inspiration image for the hero of this book- Rafe. You may remember him. He’s been featured in all the other books – Mercy’s Heart & Faith’s Keys .

I’m not like some writers who make elaborate story boards. I guess cause I’m just not that visual. But I spend time collecting images of people and places every so often. And I use these photos to help me when I’m writing descriptive scenes.

So,  now you know what Rafe looks like. He’s strong, damaged, fiercely loyal, but he’s also a rogue of the first order. It’s going to be fun seeing how he changes over the course of novel!

LNF, Grace


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