Magpie’s Masque Book Trailer Coming Soon!

Dawn Over Our Bay

Dawn Over Our Bay

The trailer for my upcoming Medieval ‘Magpie’s Masque’ is in the works! I’m really excited about this one. I love book trailers because they are a part of the advertising campaign for each book that helps me visualize the actual story.

I hate to say it, but I’m just not a visual person. Movies are ok. And I love art, from a viewing standpoint, but seeing a novel like a movie in my mind just doesn’t happen for me. So it’s always pretty thrilling for me to see  one of my novels come to life in a trailer.

Now, since I just said I’m not a visual person, let me explain the image with this post. My dear husband of over 38 years is extremely visual. And he’s a great photographer. This picture is a photo he took this morning from one of our decks here at Sea Glass Cottage. It is dawn breaking over our little bay. I think it’s spectacular!

Hope the start to your day was just as beautiful! LNF, Grace


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