Magpie’s Masque



Some of you may have read the first two books in my Medieval Inspirational Romance series The ChristKeepers. Magpie’s Masque is the third in that series and features the love story of Rafael Wulfsson and Magpie.

In the earliest book, Mercy’s Heart, Magpie is a child. In the next book, Faith’s Keys, she is a young woman. She is a very resourceful and independent character who continually gets into and out of scrapes. She is cheeky and quirky, but she’s also possessed of a very strong faith.

She has met her match in Rafe.

He is also featured prominently in the first two books. He’s a rake and a scoundrel who has no qualms with doing whatever it takes to get the job done. Needless to say he is not a man of faith. At least not in the beginning of the story.

The novel opens as Magpie’s trying to break Rafe out of the Tower of London. He’s there because he’s offended the king, again.

Magpie makes some sacrificial choices and those lead to lots of yummy plot twists and angst. Along the way there are a Jewish eunuch, healed scars -both emotional and physical, and a very intriguing grand masked ball.

This book is about the futility of revenge, the healing of forgiveness, unselfish sacrifice, and of course, it has a heartbreaking love story. It’s set for a June 1st release.

Here’s an image of Magpie.

LNF, Grace


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