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Newsletter Update & Free Bookmark

Rafe from Magpie's Masque

Rafe from Magpie’s Masque

Just thought I’d put out a quick post about the newsletter. From now on, instead of sending it out via e-mail I’m going to be posting it here and at my website-

If you want to know what’s going on in my life and what’s in the pipeline for my novels, just click on the Newsletter link on the toolbar either here or at the website.

I’m getting really excited about Magpie’s Masque. I got some of the bookmarks in for this novel last week. If you’d like one, just send me your snail mail address and I’ll shoot one your way 🙂 .

Magpie’ Masque releases June 1st-  you can preorder now on Amazon. Here’s the link: Preorder MM


A Regency Tea


Thanks for the image!

As a child, I was a very late bloomer. In fact I had to repeat the third grade because phonics just made no sense to me and reading was likewise a great mystery. A stay in the hospital when visitors brought me rafts of comic books helped me learn to read. If it wasn’t for Richie Rich and Aquaman, I’d probably still be illiterate. 🙂

But once I got the hang of reading, it became my lifeline. I read every horse novel in existence. Then when I was 13 and allowed to use the adult section of the library, I discovered Regency Romance written by the queens of that genre- Georgette Heyer and Jane Austen. Oh my goodness, talk about life altering.

In those novels folks  were regularly at teas together. Over the years, I’ve had the great pleasure of taking tea  in many fine establishments. And I’ve hosted a few of my own. I love the tradition of slowing down in the afternoon to sip a cup of hot sweet tea with lemon- my current favorite is a lavender flavored tea.

Lately I’ve been researching the period in depth for my next novel- The Last Broken Promise, and I’ve learned that the tower of goodies usually served with the tea is not exactly historically accurate.

Below you’ll see what the typical Regency lady would have served at her tea. And though none of the dainties are covered in chocolate or filled with crème, they would have been satisfying and they would have most certainly let the conversation and fellowship shine instead of the food.

Here is a typical Regency tea menu:

Rose congou (Chinese black tea scented with roses)

Bohea (Chinese large-leaf black tea) or Pekoe (known as “orange pekoe”)

Hyson (Chinese large-leaf green tea)

Sliced bread (homemade or country-style) or Toasted  English Muffins
Fresh unsalted butter

Thin slices of Pound Cake or Seed Cake

Sounds kind of sparse, doesn’t it? I’ve had success serving hot biscuits with real butter and strawberry jam at teas. I just use the frozen biscuits. They come out great every time. My gg-mother made tea cakes. It’s not what you serve, I think it’s the chance to spend time with those you love that’s important.

Hope you get to take tea with your near and dear sometime real soon. LNF, Grace

Preorder Magpie’s Masque


Just thought I’d put a link out to the preorder site for MM. I’ve had some folks wanting to know if they could go ahead and preorder so they’ll be the first ones to get their copies. So if you go here: MM Preorder you can snag yours.

I’m watching the sun come up over the bay. It’s so beautiful! Wish I could bottle it up and send some to you 🙂

LNF, Grace

Birdie Cover Nominated for Best Contemporary Book Cover!


I’m so excited! I just found out that the cover art for my Contemporary Inspirational Romance – Birdie Saves the World has made the final cut of 12 contenders in a pretty awesome book cover contest. I’ve always loved this particular cover, as well as Birdie’s story. It’s so neat to know other folks like it too! Congrats to Christian Artist, Amy DeLoach for her lovely work!

If you follow the link you can vote! Thanks in advance! LNF, Grace

Vote for Birdie’s Cover Here 

Skillet Cornbread

Since it’s getting close to Mother’s Day, I wanted to post a recipe taught to me by the black lady who helped raise me. Her name was Blanche Love and she was and still is an inspiration to all who remember her. She worked for my Grandmother for 48 years and held sway over almost everything in that household. She was a brilliant cook, but she could also sew, work on cars, garden, and do just about anything she set her mind to. She was a great advocate for Christianity and Civil Rights. She was a woman of substance and I’m proud to have known and loved her.

I got my love of cooking in iron skillets from Blanche. The two I use daily are invaluable. They are very, very old and seasoned just right. Hope you enjoy trying this cornbread recipe!

Blanche Love’s Perfect Skillet Cornbread 

1 1/2 cups self-rising cornmeal

2 eggs

1 1/2 cups buttermilk- I make this by adding a tablespoon of vinegar to milk, let it set for a minute or two and it will clabber

2 Tablespoon oil- Blanche used bacon fat

a pinch of salt

Preheat the oven to 450 degrees. Set a large skillet with a fat dab of oil or bacon fat in it  [about a 1/4 cup] in the preheating oven. Mix the ingredients together. When the skillet is hot, pour the cornbread batter into it. Bake for 20 minutes.

My hubby likes a tall glass filled with chunks of this bread and then topped off with real buttermilk as a meal!

Hope you enjoy Blanche’s recipe. LNF, Grace

Star Trek Hotel Room

Beam Me Up Scotty!

The Star Trek Hotel Room

Beam Me Up Scotty!

Beam Me Up Scotty!

OK, this post will be quite a departure from those I normally write. But I just had to share this weird and kind of wonderful hotel room.

My dear hubby is off to a business conference this week. He works from home, as do I. But about twice a year he attends a national or international conference. Many times I go with him, but not this time. Magpie’s Masque is in the ramp up to publication. For that reason I needed to stay home. I’m getting a lot of work done. Which is a good thing. But back to my story…

Hubs got to the hotel and there was no room for him. Sounds sort of Biblical, huh? 🙂 Since there was supposed to be a place for him to rest, the hotel asked if he’d be willing to take one of their theme rooms. Theme rooms? Yep, he’s staying in the Star Trek Room.

Ok, if you are a fan this would be great. If you’re not… well it might be a little creepy. But in either event I have to post the images he sent me so you can judge for yourself.

Live Long and Prosper  😉

LNF, Grace

Easy Thieves Oil Recipe

This is a super easy, quick measure, recipe for Thieves Oil. Hope you enjoy. I usually get my essential oils from The Atlantic Spice Company. I’ve been a soap and cologne/toilet water maker for many years and their oils are some of the best.

I found this image and thought it’d be helpful to folks who are just getting started with Thieves Oil.

Just mix the following together and store in a clean jar. I recycle the little dark bottles the individual  oils come in, but any jar will do. BTW little bottles of Thieves Oil make really nice presents.

Thieves Oil Recipe


  • 1 cup jojoba oil (or other carrier oil if preferred I get my jojoba at Sally’s Beauty Supply, it’s great for your hair too 🙂 )
  • 1 tablespoon clove oil
  • 1 tablespoon lemon oil
  • 2 1/2 teaspoons cinnamon oil
  • 2 teaspoons rosemary oil
  • 2 teaspoons eucalyptus oil