Star Trek Hotel Room

Beam Me Up Scotty!

The Star Trek Hotel Room

Beam Me Up Scotty!

Beam Me Up Scotty!

OK, this post will be quite a departure from those I normally write. But I just had to share this weird and kind of wonderful hotel room.

My dear hubby is off to a business conference this week. He works from home, as do I. But about twice a year he attends a national or international conference. Many times I go with him, but not this time. Magpie’s Masque is in the ramp up to publication. For that reason I needed to stay home. I’m getting a lot of work done. Which is a good thing. But back to my story…

Hubs got to the hotel and there was no room for him. Sounds sort of Biblical, huh? 🙂 Since there was supposed to be a place for him to rest, the hotel asked if he’d be willing to take one of their theme rooms. Theme rooms? Yep, he’s staying in the Star Trek Room.

Ok, if you are a fan this would be great. If you’re not… well it might be a little creepy. But in either event I have to post the images he sent me so you can judge for yourself.

Live Long and Prosper  😉

LNF, Grace


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