Rosemary & Lemon Water

I got hooked on this summer refresher by reading café reviews for our little coastal town. It seems there used to be a ‘Ladies Who Lunch’ type café here that was known for its delicious Rosemary & Lemon Water.

I can’t garden as much as I used to since we now live right on the water. There’s just no space. But I do have a big mosaic pot of herbs by the front door. Rosemary seems to love our Mediterranean type weather. My shrub is doing quite well in the pot along with various other herbs and a small Meyer lemon tree. So I’ve got all the ingredients for this wonderful refreshing drink. Here’s the easy recipe.

Just fill a pitcher with ice, cut a lemon into half moons and remove seeds, squeeze each lemon piece onto ice before dropping in (I typically use about 3/4 of a lemon), fill pitcher with water, and add two sprigs of fresh rosemary. It’s tastier if you give the rosemary a little time to infuse itself into the water by letting the pitcher sit in the fridge for about 1/2 hour before serving.

You can serve it half and half with sparkling water too. That makes a very nice sipper to sit and watch the sun set with. LNF- Grace

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