Fall Arrives at Sea Glass Cottage

My Cotton Boll Wreath

My Cotton Boll Wreath

Fall has certainly arrived this week here on the bay. The temperatures are considerably cooler. And the breeze off the water has kept my glass wind chime making tinkling music on the porch. It’s been glorious!

I can’t tell you how wonderful my daily morning devotions have been lately. I’ve done them sipping hot spiced tea, watching the sea birds, while sitting on my porch rocker. I typically journal, do my Bible study, and write in my Thankful Book early every morning out on the deck. I must say this week the weather has been perfect for such pastimes.

As I normally do, I’ve switched my Bible study from the New Testament to the Old Testament for the cold months of the year. Right now I’m going through Proverbs backwards. I do that sometimes. I’ll begin a study at the end of a chapter instead of the beginning. Just a quirk of mine, I guess.

Our daily two mile walk was especially nice today. Their were thirty little sail boats out on the bay. Maybe it was a weekend sailing school. They were very charming to see as Hubs and I began our walk. And somebody was burning wood outside. So the combination of salt air and wood smoke was so evocative of Fall.

After I finished writing this morning, I began sewing. I’d cut out three rag quilts recently. They needed running up. Isn’t there something homey and serene about sewing in the Autumn?

I have my potato sourdough bubbling in its jar on a kitchen counter. Tonight is start the bread night. I’ll form it into loaves this evening and let it rise overnight in the microwave. I’ll bake it off early in the morning before I get started on my Lord’s Day activities. Fresh, hot bread for breakfast- yum!

One of the fun crafty things I’ve done this season is making a cotton boll Fall wreath for the front door. I grew up in Southwest Ga.,where cotton farmers and their crops play a huge part in the local economy. Making a cotton boll wreath was very nostalgic for me. If you like a rustic quirky look, I highly recommend you give it a try. It’s very easy- I didn’t even need to use my hot glue gun on the bolls because they came with nice sturdy stems that I was able to weave into the grape vine wreath form.

Of course, I’ve been very busy in my office writing. Thankfully, I’m mostly within my publishing deadlines. The Last Broken Promise is inching down the pipeline. It will be published in November- I don’t have a firm date as of yet. Beyond Blessed will be out for Christmas. Hope’s Reward – the next ChristKeeper novel will be available this Winter.

As always, I’m thankful for all the folks who read my books. It’s such a blessing to share the fiction that God puts on my heart. Every day I pray something in my writing will help, comfort, or lead someone closer to the Lord. There’s nothing like telling a heartwarming story with Christ as its foundation. Adding a wholesome love story into the mix, just makes it more fun!

I pray you and yours are blessed, safe, and healthy this season! Love Never Fails- Grace


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