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Hollister’s Choice Available Tomorrow!


hollisterschoice2-2700I’m so happy to announce the next installment in my Contemporary Inspirational series Montana Miracles will be available for purchase tomorrow. Hollister’s Choice is set in Montana and London. It is one of my favorites storylines. And Hollister is one of favorite heroes!

How could you not love such an honorable, damaged guy who is trying to do the right thing despite all the odds? And Maggie, the sweet heroine, is dealing with so much tragedy in her own life.

If you like emotional romance with a whole lot of angst, this may be the read for you. As always, this novel has some adult themes but no coarse language or graphic love scenes. I’ve had some wonderful feedback during the editing and beta reading process. My favorite beta reader cried over the ending. She thinks its my best story yet. Maybe you’ll like it too. I sure hope you’ll give it a try.

And thank you to everyone who has stayed with me over this past year. It’s been filled with both challenges and opportunities. We’ve moved, yet again. Since leaving our little townhouse by the bay- SeaGlass Cottage, we’ve relocated to a neighborhood and then back to the beach. Talk about taking a wild ride!

We loved SeaGlass but it was just too small as both my husband and I work from home. I was so sad to drive away from that home. I was sure God would never give us another chance to live in such a wonderful spot. I prayed for days that God would restore the days the locusts ate… it’s one of my favorite scriptures. And He did!!!

Our new home is right on the gulf on one side and has a great canal behind it for my husband’s kayaks. We couldn’t be more blessed. If you’ve ever felt like you were praying for something impossible and you’ve given up and stopped petitioning the Lord…I encourage you to give God more time to effect the changes for which you’re pleading. He can and will do a great work in your life. He sure has in mine!

I’ll try to post some images of our new place so you can get a context as to where I’m writing these days. I hope you’re as blessed as I am today, and I pray you see the goodness in every day, whether your days are challenges or opportunities.

Please watch for the Hollister’s Choice trailer. It should be up on my YouTube channel soon.



Hope’s Reward Pre-Order

The newest installment of my best selling Inspirational Medieval series- The ChristKeepers is now available for pre-order. It will be released this Friday- July 23rd.

If you liked the previous novels in this series, you will love this one. It’s the story of Magnus, Earl of Windham [he’s Faith MacAllister’s blacksmith-turned aristocrat brother] and the virgin widow Hope of Windham.

There’s loads of passion, angst, adventure, and a truly uplifting Gospel message in this book. If you like your Christian fiction with some real chemistry between the hero and heroine, you’ll be happy with Hope’s Reward.

Go here to pre-order: Hope’s Rewardcover HR   

Birdie Saves The World Cover

Birdie_Saves_The_WorldI’m so excited to post the lovely cover of my new Inspirational Romance ‘Birdie Saves The World‘. It is the work of the wonderful Artist Amy DeLoach. She is really talented and always delivers an amazing cover.

So here’s the blurb for Birdie. Hope you’ll read it when it is published later today.

Quirky Birdie O’Brien’s life is a juggling act. Her artistic career compliments the non-profit she’s started. Her colorful and eclectic circle of friends lightens the snobbish aristocratic disdain of her Old Money Savannah roots. Her dull and conventional fiancée never challenges her authentic faith. Her whole life is a monument to delicate balance and hard-won moderation.  Her control is legendary…

Until Shiloh Buchannan returns. He’s a wrong side of the tracks Old School Southern Bad Boy. Run out of Savannah ten years ago he’s back. And he’s almost unrecognizable. All dark seduction and malicious intentions, he’s returned to claim his revenge. Birdie’s family is his target and she’s his weapon of choice.

Back in the day they shared something rare and wonderful. Now they are merely hostile strangers. Aching heartbreak, mind numbing intrigue, simmering chemistry, sweet romance, and deep abiding faith collide as Birdie struggles to save her world.

If you like your Inspirational Romance tart, sweet, and just a little spicy ‘Birdie Saves The World’ may be your glass of sweet iced tea.

Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season and that you and yours are merry and bright!


Carried Away Available Today!

CarriedAway cover 2


My Inspirational Cowboy Romance is available today in the Kindle Store. At only $2.99 it is a fun and frugal read. If you like cowboy romance but have always wanted it written from a Christian world-view Carried Away might be for you.

It’s not your Mama’s Inspirational Romance. There is a nice component of simmering chemistry between the main characters Carrie Smith and Gage Ferguson.  Here’s the linky:  Carried Away   

And here’s the blurb:

Burnt Hickory, Montana, population 2,000 is the perfect place to live. At least that’s what the Witness Protection folks claim. Carrie Smith isn’t so sure. Four years ago she was a super model. Everything changed the day her father was murdered by a Mexican Drug Lord. Now she’s a frumpy kindergarten teacher waiting to testify in a trial meant to win justice for her Dad.

Gage Ferguson is an ex-Army Ranger who runs his family ranch in Burnt Hickory. He’s a new Christian with a violent and promiscuous past. Gabe’s trying real hard to change his ways. But circumstances just keep getting in his way.

Sparks fly the minute they meet in the town’s only elevator. Both decide to judiciously avoid the other.

Then an old army buddy calls Gage asking for a favor…

Funny, heartwarming, and a wild ride from start to finish, ‘Carried Away’ combines all the heart stopping adventure of an action movie with the quirky charm of a romantic comedy.

If you like your Inspirational Romance with an alpha-male and a spunky heroine, you’ll love ‘Carried Away’

Cover for Carried Away


Gage Black Knife Ferguson on Carried Away Cover

Gage Black Knife Ferguson on Carried Away Cover

I got the cover for ‘Carried Away’ last night. Thought I’d share it here. The book will be out in Kindle by the end of the week. I’ll post the blurb on the release day.

New Cover for The Giftlings!

Loving This New Cover for 'The Giftlings'

Loving This New Cover for ‘The Giftlings’


I’m loving the new cover for ‘The Giftlings’. Professionally created it really gives you a sense of what the book is all about. It’s available right now for kindle and will be available in a bundle next week with the print version. Buy the print book and get the eBook for .99.

‘The Giftlings has gotten great reviews! It’s a wonderful coming of age Inspirational/Paranormal/Romance- Whew! Try typing that three times.

It would make a great Christmas gift for new Kindle owners or as a stocking stuffer for your favorite reader. If you or your giftee loved the Twilight books but want to read your fiction from a Christian worldview, ‘The Giftlings’ is a great choice.

‘Birdie Saves the World’ Isn’t Your Mom’s Inspirational Romance

I’m  so happy to report that I’m very close to being finished with the edit of ‘Birdie Saves the World’. I’ve got to tell you this has been the most fun book I’ve ever written. And I can’t wait to see the gorgeous cover artist Amy DeLoach is creating.

Shiloh Buchannan and Birdie O’Brien barely introduced themselves before the sparks began to fly. I love it when I have a nice organized outline and then the  characters wreck it by going off on their own to have the most interesting adventures. That’s what happened with ‘Birdie’.

So basically it’s a story about a quirky artist living in Savannah. Back to the coastal city comes the poor bad boy she fell for years earlier. When he shows up in Savannah he’s obscenely rich, notorious, and out for revenge- against her family. Add in scandal , a funky non-profit charity, a deep spiritual message, arson, some emotionally satisfying romance, a broken engagement, Tybee Island Beach at Christmas, plus too many twists and turns to count and you have ‘Birdie’.

I love writing Inspirational Romance but my style is a little different from the norm. I believe the two main characters should have a wild roller coaster ride- both emotionally and spiritually before they win their ‘happily ever after’. I’m OK with the hero having to physically protect others, sometimes with mild violence. I don’t use profanity in my novels or write explicit sex scenes, but I do like a sort of slow toasty simmer of chemistry percolating between the hero and heroine.

I like to write real people so my characters aren’t perfect. Not by a long shot. The heroes are always damaged, and usually cynical. They’ll change over the course of the story. But they stay masculine. They act and speak like real guys. I like an alpha male. God made men to be different from women and I relish the differences. Don’t you get tired of reading Christian fiction where the guys are almost asexual? I mean really, David wasn’t lily-white. Neither was Solomon. I don’t want to read about a bland perfect man.The above image will give you a sense of how I see Shiloh Buchannan.

I like heroines who are spunky and not victims. And they don’t have to be blue-eyed blondes either. The Lord in His infinite wisdom made femininity in many, many different iterations. And we need to celebrate the beauty of all of them. I hope I write my female characters as smart, independent, and vulnerable. I think the greatest part of the beauty of Godly women is in their purity, kindness, and vulnerability. I strive for that kind of inward beauty in my own life. And that standard spills over into the heroines I write.       

I hope you’ll give ‘Birdie’ a try when it’s published in December. It would make a great Christmas gift!