One Nation Under gods: “This is a novel of what ifs. What if, through the centuries, the Christian religion remained a small house church movement? What if it never became a mainstream faith? What if the Bible had never been gathered together from the many and disparate scrolls of wisdom existing to encourage and nourish those first few early Christians? What if one repentant, forgiven Nephilim/Half-Breed Angel family remained? One family so committed to Christ, they dedicated a man in every generation to serve God in a most horrifying and sacrificial way? What if?!” more…

One Nation Under gods: “I couldn’t put this book down! What a great read! I love all of Grace Walton’s books, but this one is by far my new favorite! The romance, suspense, action, and supernatural elements were woven together so well with the underlying theme of redemption and grace. I will highly recommend this book to my friends!”

Carried Away: “The characters were so complex and the story line so fast paced it a was a hard book to put down.”

Birdie Saves the World: “While this is a clean read, the romantic tension in this story is sizzling.”

The Giftlings: “You can’t put it down! It’s gripping, and powerfully shows sides of good and evil that we can’t see.”

Mercy’s Heart: “Romantic, sweet, and touched with moments of suspense and mystery, this is a tale that I eagerly read through but was not ready for it to end.”

Faith’s Keys: “Romantic, exciting, funny and heart-warming, Faith’s Keys has it all!”

The Last Rose Pearl: “I loved this novel, it had everything you could want in a novel. There was humor, romance, intrigue and a compelling story. The author handled this story with finesse and realism. Although the hero was surely larger then life, her portrayal of him was both compelling and eye opening. She wove together a story of a hard, crass, life worn man with what he said in the beginning of the novel, “would be his destiny.” And she did it in such a way that the reader was carried along and loved every minute of it. We knew this big strong handsome guy would at some point give in, but the author was brilliant in the way she took the reader along with him each step of the way and she did it all without torrid sex scenes and still we understood the great passion these two had for one another. I would highly recommend this book and I really look forward to her next installment of this series.”