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The Trailer for The Last Broken Promise

The Last Broken Promise (small) copy

The trailer is up for my upcoming Regency, The Last Broken Promise. You can go here: TLBP   to view it. The Last Broken Promise releases later this month. Pre-orders will be available next week. Hope you go by and check it out! LNF, Grace


Link For Magpie’s Masque Book Trailer


Here’s the link to my YouTube channel and Magpie’s Masque book trailer. It gives a good high level teaser for the novel which releases June, 1st. Hope you enjoy! Just click on the book title below.

Magpie’s Mask Trailer 

Thieves Oil in Magpie’s Masque

Thanks to Farm & Family for the Image!

Thanks to Farm & Family for the Image!

I’m a big believer in the use of Thieves Oil. My husband’s aunt got me started on it years ago and now I can’t live without the highly scented stuff. Every time I sit down at my desk to write, I rub a dab of it between my hands.

Instantly the room is heady with the smell of spices. This is a great aid to my writing, especially my historical writing.

And because I love this stuff so much, I have included it in my newest Medieval novel, Magpie’s Masque. It is only featured briefly, in a scene about The King’s Evil – known today by the name Scrofula. Let me hasten to add that Thieves Oil is not a remedy for this horrible disease. But I use it as a plot device during the culmination of the novel.

I get my Thieves Oil on eBay. I had a recipe for it at one time, but have no idea what happened to it in our recent move. I believe my use of this oil makes me more inclined to not get colds and the flu. I very rarely get either, even when members of the family suffer with them.

When you read Magpie’s Masque, look for the mention of Thieves Oil and how it is used in a blackmail plot.

Oh, before I go today, I got a call from my marketing lady last night. She says the Magpie’s Masque book trailer is up on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, & at my website- http://www.gracewalton.com

Hope you’ll go by and check it out!  LNF, Grace

Count Down to New Book Release

Magpie from Magpie's Masque

Magpie from Magpie’s Masque

Life always gets so exciting for me when I get to the one month release count down for a new book. I’m feeling it already for Magpie’s Masque, the third installment of The ChristKeepers series.

I’ve been deep in Medieval London and Scotland all winter. It’s always a wild ride to see where the characters are going to take you. And Rafe and Magpie were especially adventurous.

They veered off outline so much I got to the last three chapters and had to do a rewrite of the first half of the book. But it made for a much tighter read. I’m really pleased with this story and hope you will be too.

I got to see a preview of the book trailer last night. It’s pretty crazy to see your novel interpreted through visual media. I was impressed by how it gave a teaser for the book in under two minutes.

As the release date approaches for Magpie’s Masque, I will be telling more details of the story and even offering a free chapter on my website. But until then, I will let you know that Rafe and Magpie share some unforgettable moments- heartbreaking, romantic, & spiritual.

I’ll be writing more as the release date nears. LNF, Grace

Inspiration for Rafael Wulffson



Rafael Wulffson- Magpie's Masque

Rafael Wulffson- Magpie’s Masque

My newest Medieval, Magpie’s Masque, is getting into the homestretch of publishing. I do love the ChristKeepers series and especially all the interesting characters. And I especially love getting to spend some time in Medieval England and Scotland during the writing of them. The other night I was saying my bedtime prayers, in my mind, and I realized I was using that specific Medieval cadence I write in for this series! I’m sure the Lord understood me! But it did feel strangely King Jamesy… if you know what I mean.

I loved both Titus [Mercy’s Heart] and Ian [Faith’s Keys], they make strong romantic heroes who are also real guys. And Rafael Wulffson [uncle to Titus- and one of the characters of Magpie’s Masque] is another hero I’ve fallen in love with.

Of course, he’s handsome. But he’s also flawed and complicated. He’s got a compelling backstory. He’s the ultimate black sheep who is redeemed over the course of the story.

If you’ve read any of my other novels, you know I’m a sucker for a cynical, tough guy whose life is completely regenerated by God by the time the book is over. Rafe is my darkest, most damaged hero yet. And that makes him yummy on so many levels 🙂 !!

Anyhoo, I thought I’d post an image of him so you can sort of see who he is. The release date on Magpie’s Masque is June 1st. The book trailer will be up on my youtube channel by the middle of May. Hope you roll by there and take a peek.

LNF, Grace


Magpie’s Masque Book Trailer Coming Soon!

Dawn Over Our Bay

Dawn Over Our Bay

The trailer for my upcoming Medieval ‘Magpie’s Masque’ is in the works! I’m really excited about this one. I love book trailers because they are a part of the advertising campaign for each book that helps me visualize the actual story.

I hate to say it, but I’m just not a visual person. Movies are ok. And I love art, from a viewing standpoint, but seeing a novel like a movie in my mind just doesn’t happen for me. So it’s always pretty thrilling for me to see  one of my novels come to life in a trailer.

Now, since I just said I’m not a visual person, let me explain the image with this post. My dear husband of over 38 years is extremely visual. And he’s a great photographer. This picture is a photo he took this morning from one of our decks here at Sea Glass Cottage. It is dawn breaking over our little bay. I think it’s spectacular!

Hope the start to your day was just as beautiful! LNF, Grace

One Nation Under gods Releases Feb. 6th!

Cover Not Chosen by Marketing & Reader Poll

Cover Not Chosen by Marketing & Reader Poll

My newest novel, One Nation Under gods releases Feb. 6th. I’m so excited about this book! It’s my first foray into the supernatural genre since my first book, The Giftlings, came out a couple of years ago. And I think this is the most edgy of all my books. The Christian message is still there [in fact, this is my most Biblical book ever!] but because of the subject matter- an avenging half-angel chosen by God to be His destroyer- it is a more intense read.

Action packed and with a whole lot of sizzling chemistry between the hero and heroine, ONUg takes the reader on a wild ride. There’s a strong component of family in this one too. It’s the first in a new series, Abbaddon’s Sword. I fell in love with the hero’s brothers! I can’t wait to write their stories.

So, the image with this post was the one not for publication used *sigh*. It was my fav, but even authors don’t always get what they want 🙂 .

ONUg should be ready for pre-sales  early next week. Hope you’ll snag yours quick! LNF, Grace