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Review of One Nation Under Gods

One Nation Under gods

One Nation Under gods

Recently  ONUG received a wonderful review from a man who makes it his avocation to review Christian books in this particular genre. I’m so glad he enjoyed the book. And I’m honored that he would feature the review of it on his website. Most of all, I’m thrilled ONUG not only proved entertaining for him, but spoke to him on a spiritual level. It is always my aim to glorify God with my writing. So it is especially nice to have ONUG reviewed by someone who is both articulate and firmly rooted in a Christian worldview. Go here to read the complete review: ONUG Review   Thanks Christian Fiction Review Guru! Love Never Fails, Grace


Grace Walton Update

Hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend.  I sure have 🙂 . My 60th birthday is fast approaching and my wonderful husband  made me a reading nook as a present. I’ve got a comfy new linen arm chair, turquoise-colored ottoman, beach-cottage white side table, and a lamp filled with shells in the corner of our bedroom. I can read, do my Bible study, journal, and pray all with an ocean view. I am so blessed!

One Nation Under gods, my 1st book in a supernatural series named Abbaddon’s Swordhas made it through editing and is now with the beta readers. The marketing folks are doing their thing,  as well. I’ll let you know the release date as soon as I know it.

At Sea Glass Cottage I’ve been busy researching my next novel. It will be the next historical in the Low Country Love Stories Series- The Last Rose Pearl was the 1st in this series. This new book will be Jessamine’s story set in 1813. I’ve been  researching the Creek Indians for this novel as they will be playing a significant role. If you wondered about Red Feather from TLRP you’ll get to learn more about that character in this, as yet, unnamed historical.

And I’ve got a Christmas book in the pipeline after the historical. It’s tentatively titled Teacup Christmas and it will be five intersecting love stories based on the discovery of five unique antique teacups.

I’ve heard from the folks at http://www.littlehouseliving.com , my featured article, which will be an interview with lots of images from here at Sea Glass is coming soon. I’ll let you know the date.

On a personal note, I’m planning my mom’s 85th birthday party. She’s a great fan of Bingo so I’m throwing her a Bingo Birthday Bash at her senior village. It’s been lots of fun planning this party. Especially the surprises!

Anyhoo, hope your life is going well and that God is blessing your socks off every day! LNF, Grace

Book Trailer for One Nation Under gods

One Nation Under gods

One Nation Under gods

The book trailer has just been uploaded to my YouTube channel for my upcoming Inspirational Supernatural novel –  One Nation Under gods. Hope you’ll go by there and take a peek at it. Just follow this link: ONUg

Merry Christmas! LNF, Grace

Thanks for Voting!

Cover for ONUg

Cover for ONUg

Thanks so much to all the folks who voted on the two covers for One Nation Under gods. There was an astounding turnout of voters and I’m pleased to report that the cover without the model won the contest by a landslide. I’ve forwarded the results to the marketing team and I’m confidant this will be the cover used for the novel.

The manuscript is going out to beta readers next month. Then on to final proofing. There is no set release date as of yet. I’ll post the release date here when I know it.

Again, many, many thanks and Merry Christmas! LNF, Grace

Vote for Your Favorite One Nation Under gods Cover!

The amazing cover artist, Amy DeLoach of Bonjour Graphics ,has presented me with two stunning covers for my newest Inspirational Romance novel, One Nation Under gods.

This book is the first in my new supernatural Christian series. The heroes are brothers who share a Nephilim [angel] heritage. These stories will all reflect the ongoing battle in the Heavenlies between the forces of good and evil.

For that reason, they will be a tad bit dark, though still entirely suitable for the Faith Fiction reader. The romance and emotion  will sizzle between the hero and heroine. but I will still hold to my standard of no explicit sex or foul language. And, of course, there will be a Christian message that runs as a foundational theme through each book.

The voting will take place this week. I’ll announce the winner next Sunday night.

I’d sure appreciate your voting on these covers. Which do you like best?

Cover Without Model

Cover Without Model


Cover With Model

Cover With Model

Can’t wait to hear what you think! LNF, Grace


One Nation Under gods!

Salem D'Angelis Hero of One Nation Under gods

Salem D’Angelis Hero of One Nation Under gods

It always happens, I get about 100 pages into a new novel and the plot line takes a radical turn and heads off in new exciting and heartbreaking directions. That happened for me yesterday while I was working on ONUg.

I’m so happy at where this book is going. I love it when the characters and circumstances veer off outline and take on a life of their own. And goodness gracious, that’s what this book is doing! It’s getting grittier and more supernatural. But in a really good way.

Last night at supper I got distracted by internal dialogue between two of the characters. My poor husband asked me, “Where did you go off to?” Meaning I mentally checked out of our conversation. All I could do was tell the truth.

“I’ve got people talking in my head,” I said sheepishly. He just laughed. Cause, believe me, he’s used to my getting caught up in a story.

I can not tell you how excited I am about this book! I’m hoping and praying for a December release, but no firm date yet. A lot depends on cover art, beta readers, & editing. Not to mention marketing. I’ve always said it ‘takes a village’, and it truly does.

I’m going to post an image of Jimmy Thomas, my favorite cover model. Jimmy is great at capturing and projecting emotion. He’s been the cover model on two of my books and he is the inspiration for Salem D’Anglis the hero on ONUg.

The Pirate Paddleboat


Today has been a lovely day at Sea Glass Cottage. The weather in our neck of the woods is spectacular! Today I got so much accomplished.

I got my morning walk done. I do love walking down here on the beach. My route takes me along the water and then into an old residential neighborhood. It is funky and eclectic, which I love. There’s a bunch of old houses that have been restored by loving hands. There’s yard art of every description, including a statue wearing an abundance of Mardi Gras beads :). There’re wind chimes and brass bells on most porches so I have a nice musical accompaniment to my walk. Of course, the landscaping is just as varied as the architecture. My favorites are the old-fashioned morning glories. I see them in so many different colors. The Monarch butterflies are migrating over the bay, so they’re like flying flowers themselves. Everything is beautiful along my route except for that time I found the armadillo skeleton and thought it was somebody’s dearly departed house cat…but we’re not going to talk about that LOL.

I’m making a lot of progress on my newest novel- One Nation Under gods. I’m really loving the characters in this story. Especially the Nephilim hero, Salem D’Angelis. He’s so tough and damaged. But he still is intent on serving God any way he can.

But the reason I entitled this post The Pirate Paddleboat is because my husband and I just got back from a nice paddle around the bay. Our little boat flies the Jolly Roger which is an inside joke between my sweetie and me. I’ve always claimed he drives like a pirate and takes no prisoners. Now he sails like one too :).

Hope you’ll take advantage of my Halloween sale on The Giftlings. Its .99 this week. If you or your teens like YA Paranormal Romance, it’ll be a hit for you. Go over to the sidebar and click on the cover to be snag your copy.

Happy Weekend Everybody! LNF, Grace