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Coming Soon! Hollister’s Choice


Look for the second installment of my Contemporary Inspirational Romance Series- Montana Miracles, Hollister’s Choice, to be on sale soon.

It’s the story of Gage Ferguson’s little sister, Magnolia, and his ranch foreman and partner in Montana Miracles [a corporation run by former mercenaries], Hollister.

You may remember both of these characters from the first book in this series, Carried Away. But the intrigue, adventure, and sweet romance between them will surely sweep you away.

For starters, they both have secrets. Secrets that will take them from a sprawling ranch outside of Bozeman, Montana to a mission field in sophisticated London, England and then back again.

Hollister is not the rough cowhand he seems. And Maggie [Magnolia] is hiding a trauma that’s changed her from a carefree girl into a sober, fearful young woman. She’s loved him since she was fourteen. But will finding out who and what he really is change that love?

And what about Hollister? He’s an experienced man who’s been drawn to Maggie over the years he’s worked with her brother. But he’s ruthlessly suppressed his errant desire because of her age and innocence. If he finds out her secret, will he be forced to take his revenge on the man who wronged her? Will he act on the potent chemistry that once sizzled between them?

In the end, unless God intervenes, it will all come down to Hollister’s Choice.