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So Thankful!


Today I’m so thankful. I write in my Thankful Journal almost every day. But today I took an especially long time detailing all my blessings. If you’re like me, you sometimes need to stop and really focus on the things and people in your life to appreciate them. Just taking those few seconds to think about my family, friends, and circumstances fills me with gratitude.

One of the things I was most thankful for today was the nice reception folks are giving my new novel, Hollister’s Choice. I’m so glad readers are finding it to be heartwarming as well as rooted in our shared faith.

Because its being so well-received, I thought I’d tell you a little behind the scenes information about the novel. Specifically about the cover artist and model. Ramona Lockwood is the cover artist on this book. She’s a wonderful graphic artist who always does a stellar job. Ramona is fast, professional, and most of all really a nice person. The model is Jimmy Thomas who’s also a joy to work with. Jimmy has been the cover model for several of my other books [The Last Broken Promise, Carried Away, and The Last Rose Pearl]. He’s won all kinds of awards for his work. He’s kind of a legend in the romance cover world. The image for this post is one of his headshots.

If you’d like to know more about these folks, I’ll post a link for their websites here:

Ramona Lockwood

Jimmy Thomas

Again, please let me express my gratitude to those of you who have become loyal readers of my novels. God has been so good to me. I pray you are feeling His love every day, just like I do. Thank You and Bless You.


Count Down to New Book Release

Magpie from Magpie's Masque

Magpie from Magpie’s Masque

Life always gets so exciting for me when I get to the one month release count down for a new book. I’m feeling it already for Magpie’s Masque, the third installment of The ChristKeepers series.

I’ve been deep in Medieval London and Scotland all winter. It’s always a wild ride to see where the characters are going to take you. And Rafe and Magpie were especially adventurous.

They veered off outline so much I got to the last three chapters and had to do a rewrite of the first half of the book. But it made for a much tighter read. I’m really pleased with this story and hope you will be too.

I got to see a preview of the book trailer last night. It’s pretty crazy to see your novel interpreted through visual media. I was impressed by how it gave a teaser for the book in under two minutes.

As the release date approaches for Magpie’s Masque, I will be telling more details of the story and even offering a free chapter on my website. But until then, I will let you know that Rafe and Magpie share some unforgettable moments- heartbreaking, romantic, & spiritual.

I’ll be writing more as the release date nears. LNF, Grace

G-Mama’s Easter Loaf

Don’t you love these old vintage ads?

OK, I’m confessing right up front about this recipe. It is not one I came up with. It is an old stand by over at Weight Watcher’s that I happened upon. It is super-duper easy, your kids can make it with just a little oversight from you. It’s a stir it all up in one bowl and dump it in a loaf pan bread. And my 85 yr old mom [G-Mama to us] adores it!!!

So every holiday I make her an appropriate themed loaf of this sweet bread. Right now her Easter Loaf is baking and my whole house smells divine! Even my wonderful hubby, who works from home as do I, started sniffing and asked me what I was doing in the kitchen. He’s a carnivore, but he did look a wee bit crestfallen when I told him it was destined for my sweet Mama.

So here’s the fool proof recipe.


1 box cake mix- your choice – today I used a colorful confetti

1 can pumpkin- just the regular sized can, not the big hefty one

1 cup water

Add-ins of your choice: chocolate chips, raisins, nuts, coconut, chopped dates, you get the idea, there are no wrong add-ins. Today I’m using nuts, raisins, & chocolate chips. Just a handful each.

Stir this all together. Be liberal with your add-ins.  Dump into a large loaf pan that you’ve pammed. Bake at 350 for 45 to 60 minutes. I check mine at 45 min. and if it’s still gooey looking on top I let it go the whole 60 min.

Take it from the oven and let it cool. After cooling get it out of the pan and decorate the top. Today, the Easter Loaf will have a thick topping of powered sugar and vanilla glaze. About 1 cup of the sugar and a couple of tablespoons of milk with a drop or two of vanilla. I want it kind of stiff. Then I will sprinkle a few pretty M&Ms on top. I was going to use coconut, but I’m out of it and too lazy to go to the store. 🙂

Tomorrow when I go see Mom at the senior village, I’ll take her this treat. We are hosting her at an Easter lunch this weekend, but I know she’ll enjoy this Easter Loaf in the meantime.

Happy Easter! He Is Risen!

LNF, Grace

One Nation Under gods Releases Feb. 6th!

Cover Not Chosen by Marketing & Reader Poll

Cover Not Chosen by Marketing & Reader Poll

My newest novel, One Nation Under gods releases Feb. 6th. I’m so excited about this book! It’s my first foray into the supernatural genre since my first book, The Giftlings, came out a couple of years ago. And I think this is the most edgy of all my books. The Christian message is still there [in fact, this is my most Biblical book ever!] but because of the subject matter- an avenging half-angel chosen by God to be His destroyer- it is a more intense read.

Action packed and with a whole lot of sizzling chemistry between the hero and heroine, ONUg takes the reader on a wild ride. There’s a strong component of family in this one too. It’s the first in a new series, Abbaddon’s Sword. I fell in love with the hero’s brothers! I can’t wait to write their stories.

So, the image with this post was the one not for publication used *sigh*. It was my fav, but even authors don’t always get what they want 🙂 .

ONUg should be ready for pre-sales  early next week. Hope you’ll snag yours quick! LNF, Grace

One Nation Under gods!

Salem D'Angelis Hero of One Nation Under gods

Salem D’Angelis Hero of One Nation Under gods

It always happens, I get about 100 pages into a new novel and the plot line takes a radical turn and heads off in new exciting and heartbreaking directions. That happened for me yesterday while I was working on ONUg.

I’m so happy at where this book is going. I love it when the characters and circumstances veer off outline and take on a life of their own. And goodness gracious, that’s what this book is doing! It’s getting grittier and more supernatural. But in a really good way.

Last night at supper I got distracted by internal dialogue between two of the characters. My poor husband asked me, “Where did you go off to?” Meaning I mentally checked out of our conversation. All I could do was tell the truth.

“I’ve got people talking in my head,” I said sheepishly. He just laughed. Cause, believe me, he’s used to my getting caught up in a story.

I can not tell you how excited I am about this book! I’m hoping and praying for a December release, but no firm date yet. A lot depends on cover art, beta readers, & editing. Not to mention marketing. I’ve always said it ‘takes a village’, and it truly does.

I’m going to post an image of Jimmy Thomas, my favorite cover model. Jimmy is great at capturing and projecting emotion. He’s been the cover model on two of my books and he is the inspiration for Salem D’Anglis the hero on ONUg.

Tea at the Beach!


A few years ago I watched a movie, the name escapes me, where the whole family had tea together in the afternoons…at the beach. I fell in love with that idea and promised myself if we ever lived near the beach, I would enjoy this little frugal luxury.

Fast forward several years…we now live on a big coastal bay and ‘tea at the beach’ is within my grasp. Even though I passed all the family china, including tea sets, to my grown-up children when we down-sized, I find there’s something peaceful and almost spiritual about taking tea in a lovely setting.

So I got on eBay and ordered myself a little glass teapot and some melamine cups and saucers. I’ve become intrigued with pastel melamine, but’s that’s a story for another day. Anyhoo, now in the late afternoons I brew myself a cup of spicy tea and sit on my deck with it. I sip the yummy goodness and watch the sea birds and dolphins. And I plot books.

My current favorite tea is a cinnamon pumpkin loose tea I bought from an Amish lady at her roadside stand last year. She blended the tea with chunks of dried pumpkin which gives my cup a special Autumn flavor.

So, that’s what’s happening in Grace Walton’s life today. along with choir practice at our little church tonight and writing the ending of Chapter Eight for ONUg, Hope your life is blessed too!











LNF, Grace

The Last Rose Pearl #12!

Jimmy Thomas- cover Model for TLRP

Jimmy Thomas- cover Model for TLRP

Woohoo!!! The Last Rose Pearl, my Regency Inspirational Novel, is steadily rising in it’s list on amazon. I can’t tell you how exciting and humbling this is for me. God has been so very, very good to me during this book release.

I’ll post an image here of Jimmy Thomas who is the cover model for TLRP. He’s got just the right look of intrigue and rough-edged danger to be the hero of this novel. Thanks for the great art, Romana Lockwood [she’s the cover artist] &  Jimmy!

And thanks again to all my readers and especially to the folks who have taken time out of their busy schedules to post reviews. Your support is so encouraging! My gratitude knows no bounds!  LNF, Grace