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So Thankful!


Today I’m so thankful. I write in my Thankful Journal almost every day. But today I took an especially long time detailing all my blessings. If you’re like me, you sometimes need to stop and really focus on the things and people in your life to appreciate them. Just taking those few seconds to think about my family, friends, and circumstances fills me with gratitude.

One of the things I was most thankful for today was the nice reception folks are giving my new novel, Hollister’s Choice. I’m so glad readers are finding it to be heartwarming as well as rooted in our shared faith.

Because its being so well-received, I thought I’d tell you a little behind the scenes information about the novel. Specifically about the cover artist and model. Ramona Lockwood is the cover artist on this book. She’s a wonderful graphic artist who always does a stellar job. Ramona is fast, professional, and most of all really a nice person. The model is Jimmy Thomas who’s also a joy to work with. Jimmy has been the cover model for several of my other books [The Last Broken Promise, Carried Away, and The Last Rose Pearl]. He’s won all kinds of awards for his work. He’s kind of a legend in the romance cover world. The image for this post is one of his headshots.

If you’d like to know more about these folks, I’ll post a link for their websites here:

Ramona Lockwood

Jimmy Thomas

Again, please let me express my gratitude to those of you who have become loyal readers of my novels. God has been so good to me. I pray you are feeling His love every day, just like I do. Thank You and Bless You.


Starting a New Project

sunset live oaks island

I’m starting a new project today. It’s the last in my Medieval series, The ChristKeepers.  And its Simon’s story. Who knew he was going to be the most damaged of the brothers? And who knew he was also going to be the most complex? At the moment I’m plotting the novel. I’ve set the backstory, and the characters with all their peculiar strengths and flaws. I’m kind of sad to close out this particular series. It’s been a real favorite of mine. But I want to flesh out my Savannah based contemporary series and there’s another Abbaddon’s Sword book in the pipeline too, so I need to have The ChristKeepers come to a close. *sigh* It’s really hard to walk away from Titus and his brothers/uncles.

I’m still sporadically working on my non-fiction book, Beyond Blessed. It’s a sort of personal testimony/ household tips kind of thing I’ve had a lot of fun with. It’ll most likely be finished some time in the new year and published in its turn after that time.

I promised an image of our new home, and this is a shot my dear husband took the other evening from the upper deck. That’s our neighbor’s pier. We don’t have one and probably won’t build one. We’re learning the quirks of our old beach house. It creaks in the wind and the wood floors aren’t perfectly level, but we love it. We prayed in every room for God’s blessing and His protection when we moved in a month ago. This place is truly a blessing and a dream come true for us. We never thought we’d get the chance to be on the gulf, but God had other plans. I can’t tell you just how thankful we are.

Back to shop talk- as I proceed on the new Medieval, I’ll try to keep you informed and put out the odd image when I can. Hope your life is great right now, and pray you’re as happy and contented as am I. LNF, Grace

Hollister’s Choice Available Tomorrow!


hollisterschoice2-2700I’m so happy to announce the next installment in my Contemporary Inspirational series Montana Miracles will be available for purchase tomorrow. Hollister’s Choice is set in Montana and London. It is one of my favorites storylines. And Hollister is one of favorite heroes!

How could you not love such an honorable, damaged guy who is trying to do the right thing despite all the odds? And Maggie, the sweet heroine, is dealing with so much tragedy in her own life.

If you like emotional romance with a whole lot of angst, this may be the read for you. As always, this novel has some adult themes but no coarse language or graphic love scenes. I’ve had some wonderful feedback during the editing and beta reading process. My favorite beta reader cried over the ending. She thinks its my best story yet. Maybe you’ll like it too. I sure hope you’ll give it a try.

And thank you to everyone who has stayed with me over this past year. It’s been filled with both challenges and opportunities. We’ve moved, yet again. Since leaving our little townhouse by the bay- SeaGlass Cottage, we’ve relocated to a neighborhood and then back to the beach. Talk about taking a wild ride!

We loved SeaGlass but it was just too small as both my husband and I work from home. I was so sad to drive away from that home. I was sure God would never give us another chance to live in such a wonderful spot. I prayed for days that God would restore the days the locusts ate… it’s one of my favorite scriptures. And He did!!!

Our new home is right on the gulf on one side and has a great canal behind it for my husband’s kayaks. We couldn’t be more blessed. If you’ve ever felt like you were praying for something impossible and you’ve given up and stopped petitioning the Lord…I encourage you to give God more time to effect the changes for which you’re pleading. He can and will do a great work in your life. He sure has in mine!

I’ll try to post some images of our new place so you can get a context as to where I’m writing these days. I hope you’re as blessed as I am today, and I pray you see the goodness in every day, whether your days are challenges or opportunities.

Please watch for the Hollister’s Choice trailer. It should be up on my YouTube channel soon.


Grace Walton Update

Hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend.  I sure have 🙂 . My 60th birthday is fast approaching and my wonderful husband  made me a reading nook as a present. I’ve got a comfy new linen arm chair, turquoise-colored ottoman, beach-cottage white side table, and a lamp filled with shells in the corner of our bedroom. I can read, do my Bible study, journal, and pray all with an ocean view. I am so blessed!

One Nation Under gods, my 1st book in a supernatural series named Abbaddon’s Swordhas made it through editing and is now with the beta readers. The marketing folks are doing their thing,  as well. I’ll let you know the release date as soon as I know it.

At Sea Glass Cottage I’ve been busy researching my next novel. It will be the next historical in the Low Country Love Stories Series- The Last Rose Pearl was the 1st in this series. This new book will be Jessamine’s story set in 1813. I’ve been  researching the Creek Indians for this novel as they will be playing a significant role. If you wondered about Red Feather from TLRP you’ll get to learn more about that character in this, as yet, unnamed historical.

And I’ve got a Christmas book in the pipeline after the historical. It’s tentatively titled Teacup Christmas and it will be five intersecting love stories based on the discovery of five unique antique teacups.

I’ve heard from the folks at http://www.littlehouseliving.com , my featured article, which will be an interview with lots of images from here at Sea Glass is coming soon. I’ll let you know the date.

On a personal note, I’m planning my mom’s 85th birthday party. She’s a great fan of Bingo so I’m throwing her a Bingo Birthday Bash at her senior village. It’s been lots of fun planning this party. Especially the surprises!

Anyhoo, hope your life is going well and that God is blessing your socks off every day! LNF, Grace

Welcome to Sea Glass Cottage!

2014-12-23 13.30.35

Me With Some of My Book Covers

This is me in our upstairs hall. It is the place where all my book covers live in poster-sized frames. I’ve written before about our radical down-sizing when we moved to the beach. One of the things we lost in that move was wall space. My husband had the brilliant idea of making a hallway exhibit for me 🙂 . Because the space is limited, you can’t see all the framed covers, but this will give you an idea of what it looks like.

The door behind me leads to a guest bedroom where my writing nook is. I can look out the double windows there and see the inter-coastal waterway. The view from our bedroom is on the other end of the hall. It has a porch, french doors, and a wall of windows that look out over the widest part of the bay on the other side of Sea Glass Cottage. So we are truly surrounded by water.

Just thought you’d like to see a little of where I live and write. Merry Christmas & LNF, Grace  


Vote for Your Favorite One Nation Under gods Cover!

The amazing cover artist, Amy DeLoach of Bonjour Graphics ,has presented me with two stunning covers for my newest Inspirational Romance novel, One Nation Under gods.

This book is the first in my new supernatural Christian series. The heroes are brothers who share a Nephilim [angel] heritage. These stories will all reflect the ongoing battle in the Heavenlies between the forces of good and evil.

For that reason, they will be a tad bit dark, though still entirely suitable for the Faith Fiction reader. The romance and emotion  will sizzle between the hero and heroine. but I will still hold to my standard of no explicit sex or foul language. And, of course, there will be a Christian message that runs as a foundational theme through each book.

The voting will take place this week. I’ll announce the winner next Sunday night.

I’d sure appreciate your voting on these covers. Which do you like best?

Cover Without Model

Cover Without Model


Cover With Model

Cover With Model

Can’t wait to hear what you think! LNF, Grace


Tea at the Beach!


A few years ago I watched a movie, the name escapes me, where the whole family had tea together in the afternoons…at the beach. I fell in love with that idea and promised myself if we ever lived near the beach, I would enjoy this little frugal luxury.

Fast forward several years…we now live on a big coastal bay and ‘tea at the beach’ is within my grasp. Even though I passed all the family china, including tea sets, to my grown-up children when we down-sized, I find there’s something peaceful and almost spiritual about taking tea in a lovely setting.

So I got on eBay and ordered myself a little glass teapot and some melamine cups and saucers. I’ve become intrigued with pastel melamine, but’s that’s a story for another day. Anyhoo, now in the late afternoons I brew myself a cup of spicy tea and sit on my deck with it. I sip the yummy goodness and watch the sea birds and dolphins. And I plot books.

My current favorite tea is a cinnamon pumpkin loose tea I bought from an Amish lady at her roadside stand last year. She blended the tea with chunks of dried pumpkin which gives my cup a special Autumn flavor.

So, that’s what’s happening in Grace Walton’s life today. along with choir practice at our little church tonight and writing the ending of Chapter Eight for ONUg, Hope your life is blessed too!











LNF, Grace