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So Thankful!


Today I’m so thankful. I write in my Thankful Journal almost every day. But today I took an especially long time detailing all my blessings. If you’re like me, you sometimes need to stop and really focus on the things and people in your life to appreciate them. Just taking those few seconds to think about my family, friends, and circumstances fills me with gratitude.

One of the things I was most thankful for today was the nice reception folks are giving my new novel, Hollister’s Choice. I’m so glad readers are finding it to be heartwarming as well as rooted in our shared faith.

Because its being so well-received, I thought I’d tell you a little behind the scenes information about the novel. Specifically about the cover artist and model. Ramona Lockwood is the cover artist on this book. She’s a wonderful graphic artist who always does a stellar job. Ramona is fast, professional, and most of all really a nice person. The model is Jimmy Thomas who’s also a joy to work with. Jimmy has been the cover model for several of my other books [The Last Broken Promise, Carried Away, and The Last Rose Pearl]. He’s won all kinds of awards for his work. He’s kind of a legend in the romance cover world. The image for this post is one of his headshots.

If you’d like to know more about these folks, I’ll post a link for their websites here:

Ramona Lockwood

Jimmy Thomas

Again, please let me express my gratitude to those of you who have become loyal readers of my novels. God has been so good to me. I pray you are feeling His love every day, just like I do. Thank You and Bless You.


One Nation Under gods Released Today!

Print Cover for ONug

Print Cover for ONug

My Edgy Supernatural Inspy Romance, ONUg, releases today!! Cheers and confetti, roll out the party cake! I’m so glad to see this one published.

ONUg is my most spiritual novel to date. It is also my most edgy. The themes are what lend it its edge. You can’t write about half breed angels, arch demons, and an alternative reality without some darkness. Hopefully, the themes of love, forgiveness, and surrender make up for the smidgen of edginess.

As always, with all my books, this one follows my standard guidelines for an Inspy Romance-  No sex, no explicit cursing, no glamorization of alcohol or drugs. But there’s tons of chemistry between the main characters, and loads of heart stopping adventure. I do love an angsty, heartwarming read. So you will get a serving of that, as well 🙂 , with ONUg,

And I apologize for this one taking so long to  publish.  ONUg was written and rewritten a couple of times. The art and marketing people got portions as the manuscript progressed. Their suggestions helped fine tune the book. I think it’s a better read because of the time spent on it. I hope you do too!

Anyhoo- hope you enjoy it. And most of all I hope God speaks to you through it! LNF, Grace

The Last Rose Pearl Published Today!


The journey to publishing TLRP has been a long and convoluted one. It began over 18 years ago when my kids were exploring their independence. They surely didn’t need me to micro-manage them. Or solve their problems. God has blessed them and me so much over the years. Both of my children love the Lord, are settled in marriage with Christian spouses, and are pursuing their passions. It doesn’t get much better than that.

But all that independence left me with time on my hands- at least during the summers 🙂 . I was a public school teacher, summers were my vacation time. So 18 years ago in June I set out to write my homage to Georgette Heyer [the great author of classic Regency Romance].

That summer I got a rough draft done. A very rough draft. An extremely messy manuscript, which I promptly starting shopping around to editors. *sigh* I was, as we say in the education field, unconsciously unaware. In layman’s terms that means, I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

Surprisingly, editors were very kind to me. I got full manuscript requests. And I got some really good suggestions for revisions. So the next summer, I got out that ratty manuscript and rewrote it.

Since then I’ve rewritten the darn thing several times. Once it sat in the bottom of a picnic basket in my office for three years untouched. The characters’ names, conflicts, and backstories have changed numerous times. Once the whole plot of the book was trashed and rewritten.

Other projects came and went, but TLRP had staying power. So finally when I was asked at the beginning of this year if I had anything that could be polished for a late summer publication. I replied I did indeed have an old manuscript I’d been itching to revise one more time.

So now TLRP is published after so many years of languishing away. It is a tighter book than it was. It is a more balanced book. And it has better character development than it had 18 years ago. I hope you like it.

But most of all, I hope and pray God uses it to minister to folks. My books are all about how God takes the train wrecks we make of our lives and transforms them into something beautiful and worthy. If you read TLRP, I hope and pray you see that it follows that pattern, as well.

LNF, Grace